1. I won’t start emails with “hope you are doing well” — feels robotic.

  2. I won’t end emails with “look forward to your response” — also feels robotic.

  3. I will learn to respectfully NOT answer questions like:

  • “what are you working on these days?”

  • “how much rent do you pay?”

  • “what’s your plan?”

I don’t yet have the courage to give the answer I want to give: “I am not going to tell you because I don’t want to!”

  1. I will not feel guilty for not responding to text messages like “hey can we get on a call?” which don’t offer any context about what it is they want to get on a call for. (Unless, of course, it’s a message from close friends/family who should just call!)

I will keep adding to this list.

PS: I am not some famous VIP type person that people are dying to talk to or inquire about. Lol. Just another ordinary human getting through the world — struggling and frustrated with the way we talk to each other. Please understand.