Hello, world! This is my first post on my new microblog-hosted blog. A quick post on why I am using (and paying for) this service when so many options exist to share stuff on the internet.

One: I am a journalist/writer and love writing long-form, but I also like to consume and post short-form thoughts and updates.

Two: The incentives of the existing social media platforms don’t work for me. I just want to post stuff without any markers of social approval or validation in the form of likes or retweets. Even though I post only because I feel like posting — a mode of self-expression — this added layer of metric-driven validation induces a weird social dynamic which momentarily screws my mind.

Three: microblog feels like a corner of the internet where I can be authentic — in the spirit of old-school blogging. So expect thoughts, ideas, links, quotes, book excerpts and lots of photos.